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After almost 40 years of working on my family tree, I've collected a considerable amount of information on my ancestors. If you've linked to my site because of possible common ancestors, e-mail me and we can exchange GEDCOM files. We may be long lost cousins <gasp>.  For further info, check out my family tree web page on the BKK Family Tree Maker web site.

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My interest in family history began when my great aunt Kathryn V. Slough recounted stories of her grandfather, (Grandpap) Henry Slough (1841-1918).  She would tell of his pet chicken, Edith, who lived in the house with him.  He also enjoyed a "hot toddy" each evening before bedtime.  Although he was the oldest of his siblings and inherited his father's farm (Samuel Schlaugh/Slough, 1815 -1893),  he abandoned farming in Lancaster County, PA to run a general store in the latter part of the 19th century in Hellam, just outside of York, PA.  Aunt Kathryn spoke of his generosity, which eventually put him out of business due to allowing customers too much credit.  In his latter years he lived with his son (John A. Slough 1868 - 1911) and his daughters, including my Aunt Kathryn and my grandmother, Anna Violetta Slough, and died as a result of the influenza outbreak of 1918.  The influence on his young granddaughters was passed on to me and became the impetus for my genealogical interests.  Interestingly, with my birth in 1953, I became the first male born to Henry Slough's line since his son John, in 1868.  My mother, siblings and I are the only living descendants of this Slough line.

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On my mother’s father’s side, my search is dead-ended at my 4X great grandfather Francis Holler Sr., born 1763, father of Francis(cus) Holler, (b. 1807) who lived in Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania . My 3X great grandfather Samuel Slough (also spelled Schlaugh, Schlauch, Schlouch) lived in West Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA and was born November 4, 1815. His father was Johannes Schlauch (John Slough) born in 1784 and died in 1862.  His mother was Elizabeth Steinmetz.  John's father was Christian Schlauch and his mother was Elisabeth Eicholtz. Christian immigrated from Germany in 1772 on the ship “Crawford” arriving at Philadelphia.  He also served in the Revolutionary War.  If you believe that you have come across common ancestors or relatives, please contact me so we can exchange data. Currently my E-mail addresses are: and

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and my father Karl Heinz Krüger circa 1928



My great, great, great grandfather, Isaac Leeper circa 1865. He was a blacksmith in Gettysburg, PA. He and his son (my gr. gr. grandfather) John Hiram Leeper served in the Civil War (on the Union Side) as musicians. Isaac’s grave is above and to the right (I’m standing at it) in the Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA.

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